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Think, Grow, Push Metal!

In the state of Florida, paintless dent repair certifications are not required-- for the time being.

Why do Certification's make a difference?

No matter what you do for a living, you must pass some level of achievement before you can do your job. That is not the case with paintless dent repair (PDR). Anyone can take a two week course, get some tools, and put up a website. The next thing you know, they are in your driveway, working on your car. They can tell you they have 20 years experience, but if you cant find reviews or a track record-- you might be in for a ride. Little things that you cannot see are happening behind the scenes that begs many questions. What is the "um" of the paint? How hot is glue getting? Where to drill in relation bracing? Do you need a hole at all? Are they using rust preventatives? Are they using different tools for aluminum? There are literally hundreds of questions like these that every professional should be able to answer. We realize you may not understand the significance of these things, or even care; thats why, we care for you. We have spent decades honing our skills to bring you this level of quality at these rates. We fix every dent correctly, every single time. When it comes to PDR you get one shot. If you hire an amateur or create DIY errors yourself, we may not be able to save it from a painter.

Paul Whitehorn Certification ID Card for Vale Training Solutions
Vale Certified

Beyond the naked eye. Vale verifies quality down past the mill to .001 of a millimeter.

Paul Whitehorn Certification ID Card for PDRNATION
PDRNation Certified

Standardization, accountability and the highest level of ethical practices through universal certification.

Paul Whitehorn Certification ID Card for NAPDRT
NAPDRT Certified

Prevents fraud and protects consumers and technicians from unacceptable repairs.

Education and Life is a spiral curiculum: Let me be your dent guide.

A note from the owner: Im 39 years old and hold a B.A. from Crichton College and Masters of Divinity from Liberty University. I was a Sergeant in the U.S. Army, Airborne Infantry, and later went on to earn an Commission as a Field Artillery Officer (Class 005-08). Those achievements have very little to do with paintless dent repair and yet they have everything to do with it. At the end of the day, your hiring an artist who is a problem solver. Its also why I spent months learning code, so I could build you this website: an education may not help you make money in life, but it will teach you how to learn, and take care of the money that you do have.

Buyer Beware

Also you will find that many dent shops wont give you an estimate or ballpark without being in your driveway. Professional paintless dent repair technicians are in high demand from dealerships, auctions, car rental agencies, and retail customers alike. Standardized pricing is mandatory for all of these services, not only in the commercial realm, but also when dealing with the general public. If you are not getting a base price with a few photo's, there is a reason. More unscrupulous companies determine what they can charge you, not just based upon your dent, but based upon how much money they think you have. You deserve better and your going to get it with us. Our pricing is standardized, so regardless of where you live, and what kind of vehicle you have: we are bound to always give you the best price.

Dent Repair USA Company Logo

The science behind the process is where the magic really happens.

Who do you want in your driveway? We have taken the extra step, to prove to you and ourselves, that we have what it takes. We have passed the most rigorous tests available in this business. Ask your insurance adjuster who they would use and why.

There are many so-called certification's. Anyone can say they are certified by some other technician or that they passed some level of achievement within their own organization: but its only as good as the paper its written on. There are only three recognized Certifications within Paintless Dent Repair, and we hold all of them. The most rigorous is the Vale Certification which is read only by computers and a stop watch. Ask your insurance agency why these certifications are important when choosing the right person to work on your vehicle.

Dent Repair USA's Logo Trade Marked

Our Commitment to you and our industry

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Consistency when stating claims or estimates.

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Constantly improving technical competence and staying on top of all new changes.

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We will help other technicians, even competitors, to aid their professional development and help them support this code.

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Making known promptly how repair decisions can affect your vehicle, its safety, and value.

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We are always open to criticism of craftsmanship, to correct errors, and properly credit others.

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We treat everyone fairly: regardless of race, religion, gender, disability, age or national origin.

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If you are unhappy with our service you don't pay a dime.

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Other techs, their property, reputation, or employment by making false or malicious claims or actions.

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We will train with another technician from another part of the world every year, for at least one week.

Its not just an art, its a science.

Not only are we qualified Paintless Dent Repair Technicians, but we are currently writing a book on Paintless Dent Repair, that we believe will revolutionize how technicians are trained. Dent Repair University is not live to the public yet, but if you are wanting to learn about the PDR process then we will give you access to limited portions of the work.

Paul Whitehorn, Jr.
Tampa, Lakeland, Orlando
[Appointment Only]
Dent Repair USA

Hour's of Operation
We are open for business
24 hours a day
7 days a week

Providing mobile Paintless Dent Repair/ Car Dent Repair/ Motorcycle Dent Repair to the following areas without a driving fee, but not limited to: Lakeland Florida, Winston, Plant City, Providence, Crystal Lake, Auburndale, Winter Haven, Medulla, Gibsonia, Galloway, Lakeland Highlands, Kossuthville, Fussels Corner, Highland City, Carters Corner, Kathleen, Providence, Plant City, Mulberry, South Mulberry, Plant City, Willow Oak, Bartow, Pierce, Eagle Lake, Lake Alfred, Bradley Junction, Branchborough, Dover, Crystal Springs, Cypress Gardens, Bradley Junction, Pembroke, Sydney, Haines City, Fort Meade, Dundee, Seffner, Durant, Holiday Manor, Lake Hamilton, Waverly, Mango, Cumpressco, Valrico, Dundee, Lithia, Davenport, Thonotosassa, Zephyrhills, Brandon, Lake Hamilton, Mango, Fish Hawk, Lake Wales.

Areas we cover but charge a 50$ service fee to drive to you for an estimate. This fee is waved if we make a repair. South Tampa, Bloomingdale, ChapionsGate, Boyette, Dade City, Del Rio, Bowling Green, Saint Leo, Temple Terrace, Ybor City, San Antonia, Loughman, Ybor City, Bowling Green, Reunion, Poinciana, Loughman, Davenport, Wauchula Hills, West Tampa, Babson Park, Riverview, Celebration, Intercession City, Gibsonton, Adamsville, Nalcrest, East Tampa, Ridge Manor, Carrollwood, Nalcrest.

Areas we cover but charge a 100$ service fee to drive to you for an estimate. 50$ of this fee is waved if we make a repair (50$ additional to the bill, regardless). Furthermore, we require images and telephone conversation for a verbal quote. Lake Buena Vista, Zolfo Springs, Bay Lake, Ona, Webster, Carrollwood, Ridge Manor, Lutz, Groveland, Webster, Frostproof, Clermont, Apollo Beach, Wesley Chapel, Hunters Creek, Bevilles Corner, Kissimmee, Bay Lake, Mascotte, Citrus Park, Richloam, Williamsburg, Bay Hill, Sun City Center, Bay Hill, Ruskin, Doctor Phillips, Oldsmar, Meadow Woods, Wimauma, Indian Lake Estates, Windermere, Citrus Park.
Areas we cover but charge a 150$ service fee to drive to you for an estimate. 50$ of this fee is waved if we make a repair (100$ additional to the bill, regardless). Furthermore, we require images and telephone conversation for a verbal quote. Minneola, Bushnell, West Chase, Pasco, Oldsmar, Sumterville, Buenaventra Lakes, Oak Ridge, Safety Harbor, Odessa, Brooksville, Four Corners, Sun City, Minneola, Sumterville, Orlando, Tampa, and outlying areas.