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Paintless Dent Removal Tools

No, You Are Not Painting Over Your Dent Cheaper: Standard Fallacies Of PDR Retail Customers.

When dealing with retail customers, who have no understanding of paintless dent repair pricing, they are often surprised at quotes given by certified/experienced technicians. 

Placing Cost Over Results

The fallacy sidesteps the most profitable aspect of the exchange, by placing cost over what the repair will look like when it's completed. They lose sight of the entire purpose of the inquiry and focus on money. Which in all honesty is a very natural and logical response, given the limited knowledge of the automotive industry and the technical skills involved, for a quality Paintless Dent Repair.  Read More…

How To Deal With Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) Technicians to get the best repair at the cheapest rates


How to get the cheapest rate for Paintless dent repair near me, when dealing with a retail dent on your personal vehicle.

Ok so you come outside from the grocery store and you notice that you have a dent or ding on your vehicle. The most natural thing to do is start calling every single Paintless Dent Repair company in the phone book frantically, trying to get someone to give you a price for repair services. You start searching to find out, "does paintless dent repair work?" You see amazing photos of before and after on hail damage repairs, small dents, and several large dents. But the question remains, "how much does it cost to repair my dent?". So you keep calling: Immediately you find some resistance, so you keep calling anyways, asking anyone who will just give you a price over the phone.  Read More…
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