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My name is* Paul Owen Whitehorn, Jr*. I am the sole owner and proprietor of Dent Repair USA, also known as Whitehorn LLC. Born in Grevesm├╝hlen, Germany. My Wife Maria is from the same small town.

I am a combat veteran and decorated Soldier with an Undergraduate Degree from Crichton College and a Masters of Divinity from Liberty University. I did my first 46 Master Level hours at Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary.

I started out as a private in the U.S. Army Airborne Infantry and earned my way to an Officer Slot, graduating OCS (Officer Candidate School) Class 005-08.

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Before that time in my life, I was a paintless dent removal technician in Covington, Tennessee. My uncle Junior Baskin owns and operates one of the largest recon centers (A place that purchases, fixes up, and resells vehicles), in the mid-south. I cut my teeth at the age of 12, mainly being a nuisance to the workers and my father, but they allowed me to clean up around the shop. At 16, I started cleaning up cars and doing removal and installation on headlights, doors, mainly on tractor-trailers. We would strip them down, replace headliners, carpet, chairs, steering wheels, etc. This is when I was introduced to interior repairs. We found it much cheaper to fix a few cigarette burns on the carpet rather than doing a full reinstall and replace. My uncle was so impressed, he gave me an extra 150$ a month, which at the time was a big deal.

At the age of 17, I started doing nothing but interior repair with some minor dent and ding fixes. We found that small dents could be fixed halfway, which saved us money on auto body repairs. Then my uncle hired my other uncle Sunny to do interiors full time. That essentially put me out of a job, but I was determined to find a place, and quite frankly so was my Uncle Junior.

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I started practicing on larger dents to earn my keep. My tools were very crude and I butchered hundreds if not thousands of repairs, but that didn't matter very much because I was saving them thousands a month on body time. That is, even though I wasn't really removing the dents, I was getting the metal closer to where it needed to be, saving countless hours at our body shop.

As a result, the body guys were all too happy to help give me pointers. After all, I was making them money and saving them time. After about one full year, they changed their tune, when they saw me as a real threat to their income. I was now fixing large dents and they were virtually perfect, but I still had a very long way to go to being a great paintless dent repair (PDR) technician.

At the age of 21, I had a major spiritual experience. I suppose it's much like anyone else's, so I won't bore you with the details. Suffice it to say, I met God in a very real and personal way. It changed me. Jesus Christ is the Son of God. I am unashamed in this claim because it is the very heartbeat of my life.

I continued to fix dents and dings while attending college. I was able to eke out a living while getting an education. Once I finished my Undergraduate and had completed my first 47 hours at Mid-America, I had my second spiritual encounter. I was not to become a pastor or even work in that field, properly.

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It was powerful enough and clear enough that I joined the U.S. Army Airborne Infantry as a private, the following week.

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During this time I met my wife Maria who was a soldier in the German Army . She outranked me and had her head on straight. We fell in love with each other immediately. After leaving service, We started a small family and I began to pour myself back into the only trade I knew prior to going into the army.

Albert Whitehorn (5), who is sitting on my lap as I write this, is my favorite. I know as a father you shouldn't do that, but it's true. Maybe it was because I was the youngest son myself. Either way, we connect. My oldest son Ives (7), is the pragmatic one like my wife. He is certain to be the "good" son, and I do love him. Now at this stage in my life, I just want to be the best father that I can.

I'm trying to build a future for my family, build something with a legacy. Something that many years from now, will endure and be worthy of the sacrifices that so many others made, to keep me alive on the battlefield. I work harder, longer hours, study, and try to stay relentless in my pursuit of understanding. I am trying very hard to build a better education system for the entire PDR process.

I hope that this helps you get a picture of who I am, what I'm trying to accomplish and where I am now. My dent repairs are an extension of who I am. To me, they are little pieces of art. I'm leaving the world a little better because I was in it. Its why I've worked so hard to learn how to code, so I can create my own website. I'm sure you will find thousands of other paintless dent repair working websites, that look nothing like this one. To some, this profession is just a job, for me fixing your door dings is my life.