No Third Party Dents
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No Third Party Dents

We do not perform work on someone else's vehicle for you, unless we personally know you as a commercial account and trust you are working in tandem with the owner of the vehicle: we reserve the right to contact the customer, regardless. If you have negligently damaged your customers vehicle, own it. Its a part doing business. We are happy to repair the dent with your customers consent, but never without it.

We also do not estimate vehicles when the primary customer is not present. That means, if your wife is home but you want a quote on your vehicle, don't waste our energy and time, if you cant bother with being there.
We don't deal with third parties, who have no interest in the repair of the vehicle. If its not important enough for you to be present at the time we arrive, its not important enough for us to waste our time either. We realize that this may offend some sensibilities, but we are in the business of fixing dents, not giving free in person estimates without explaining what needs to happen and the options available to you. We have provided numerous ways for you to get a quote online or with your phone today. Please feel free to invest a few minutes and capture us an image or short video and we will respond within the hour.

We only wave this rule for trusted body shops, rental agencies, dealerships, auctions, and the like. If you have not done business with us in the past, regardless of your size, we reserve the right to speak with the owner of the vehicle. They are free to contact us directly. The reasoning behind this is fairly straight forward, we don't want to get sued by the owner of the vehicle. Ethically, we would not want someone working on our vehicle, without our consent, and neither would you.

In conclusion:
1. We do not repair third party dents to customers we do not know. 2. We do not estimate dents in person without the primary being there.