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Body Shop Accidentally Lets PDR Technician Turn Profit

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MEMPHIS -- Despite trying to do everything they could to discredit the value of pushing a dent out verses cutting a car open, one Memphis Body Shop failed on Monday. Trudging one by one into the tastefully understated bodyshop, employees of Bobby Mays Body and Collision Center accidentally allowed a PDR Technician turn a profit. Jim Bob reportedly said, " Time to get back to the old slog of racing putty onto panels and putting this whole fiasco behind us." Evidently, the trouble started when a customer discovered that Paintless Dent Repair, could save them thousands from a traditional repair. A new writer and estimator, for the body shop, called a local PDR Technician and had them repair the vehicle in less than an hour. The owner of Bobby May's was not available for comment, but his twitter account stated, "We just lost two thousands dollars to these hacks" and he posted a picture of a car he attempted with PDR himself early in January.