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Paintless Dent Repair Cost and How To Save.

The average small dent, defined as a circular dent less that 1 inch or area worked, costs between 99$ and 150$ based upon the location of the dent. If you figure 25$ to 65$ for each additional inch, you're in safe territory. As the complexity of the dent grows these prices can increase due to a number of factors. Creases are 20-30% more, Bodylines are 15-20% more, Bracing is 15% more, Sound Deadning pad is 15%, Aluminum is 30-40% more. Most techs will not charge you more than two of these on top of width which is usually 10% more per two inches.

Honestly, you can stop with that paragraph for pricing, if you don’t want to save money on Paintless Dent Repairs. Here are 10 ways that you can save on paintless dent repair.
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