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Will Paintless Dent Repair hurt the paint on your vehicle?

The short answer is no, but the long answer is somewhat, but not any more than giving your vehicle good compound or wet-sand or washing your car when its really dirty.

Let me explain. Your vehicles come from the factory with at least 120-200 Microns. A Micron or Micrometer is 1000
th of a millimeter. We use a paint thickness gauge to test this. Many of the newer post 2016 vehicle and beyond are reading well over 180 microns and that added thickness is in the clear-coat itself. This is because vehicles are simply staying on the road longer and they don’t want to end up like Pontiac. I think we all remember their weak clear coats. Continue Reading

Three Primary Types Of Automotive Metals and How that Affects Paintless Dent Repair Pricing

What kinds of Metals do you have on your vehicle that affect Paintless Dent Repair. There are Three Primary Categories
1. Steel
2. Aluminum
3. High Strength Steel

But before we get into that we need to look at four other factors that affect all three of these types of metals.
As it relates to PDR we are looking at metal based upon four primary categories.
1. Tensile Strength
2. Ductility
3. Gauge
4. How Its Formed
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How Does Paintless/ Dentless Dent Removal Work?

These are the 4 main methods that comprise how paintless dent removal really works.

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Types of Paintless Dent Repair Technicians

Understand that there are different types of Paintless Dent Repair Technicians. This will help you determine what you need and why the pricing that your getting is going to vary so much.

It should also be noted that the general development path for each of these categories
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What is the absolute limitation of Paintless Dent Repair? Part One

What is the absolute limitation of Paintless Dent Repair/ Dentless Paint Fix?

This is speaking in generalities. As soon as I say something about what cant be done there with be a dozen images or videos showing that they did it. This is speaking in generalities about the limitations of Paintless Dent Removal.

Im going to tell you everything that you need to know about what Paintless Dent Repair can and cannot help you with.

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Professional Paintless Dent Repair Pricing in Lakeland Florida

Hello, My name is Paul Whitehorn, Im a professional Paintless Dent Repair technician. Im going to give you all the tools you need to understand professional Paintless Dent Repair pricing, Right Now

There are three primary categories that affect price.

1. Obstructions to your dent
2. The Location of your dent
3. The Size of your dent

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