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Dent Repair USA, repairs dents and dings on vehicles from hail storms in Florida, using the paintless dent repair (PDR) method.

If you are looking to get an estimate on your auto hail damage, it's not something that you can “phone” in.

Yes, we do have an online estimator but due to the nature of hail dents, and the sheer volume of damage, it needs to be seen in person.

Typically, hail damage repairs are extensive enough that it needs to be handled through your auto insurance. We work directly with your insurance company and select auto body repair shops, to get your damage repaired perfectly, efficiently, and in record time.

Painless dent repair doesn't use body filler, repaint repair services, or body shops in general to remove your thousands of small dents. Rather, we keep your vehicles factory finish in tackt.

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Paintless Dent Repair Local Hail Repair Solution. Lakeland, Tampa, Orlando

When a large hail storm passes through an area, there will be hundreds of gypsy paintless dent removal outfits, that will also come with it.

Some of them are very qualified to repair your dent, however many of them are here to make a quick buck. Every year, we also see a huge influx of non-documented Russian and Brazilian operations doing these repairs. This is bad for you, me, and your insurance company. This means that, we are sending taxes, labor, and insurance coverage to an outside entity that will not be here if something goes wrong, down the road.As a technician, there are hundreds of small things that I can do to cut corners during the repair process, that you would never know about. These are tiny things that can damage your vehicle in ways that you will not be immediately aware of, to save me time during your repair. If you use a local paintless dent repair company, we will be here for you, and your insurance company, when or if you need us.

Hail Auto Car Truck Florida Fix Paintless

Automotive Hail Specialist: Insurance claim for hail storm when your vehicle has been damaged.

We have been repairing hail damage, using the paintless dent repair method, on cars and trucks for over 25 years.

Although Florida doesn’t have a large source of hail damage like many other states, it still happens more often than you might imagine. Polk County gets hit with automotive hail, at least every two years. Outlying counties get hit far more frequently.

  • Kissimmee and Poinciana got hit with hail damage in 2017

  • Orlando and Daytona were hit in 2018

  • Coca beach got hit in 2019.

    When hail damage ravages an area Dent Repair Companies decent from every corner of the earth: Brazil, Russia, Canada, Argentina, and many others. You can identify them by all of the deals they are trying to make with you. Usually, they will offer you a free deductible and other measures to get you to “but-in” to their service. There are some pros and cons to using this service.


  • You will get a fast repair

  • You will not pay your deductible up to 500$


  • They will be gone in a few short weeks and their guarantee will be gone with them.

  • You will have no resource if something goes wrong months after the repair

We are here, not only for your hail damage but for any and all of the little dents you might encounter throughout the life of your vehicle. We are a local company, members of the chamber of commerce, local BBB A+, with hundreds of reviews with your neighbors, after all, we are your neighbors too.

If you want to bring your vehicle back to its pre condition before the hail struck your vehicle, please use Dent Repair USA located in Lakeland Florida. We will deal with your insurance company, fix your hail damage, ensure that your comprehensive coverage will be dealt with properly, and get those small dents out of your vehicle in record time.

Auto Hail Damage Local Lakeland, Orlando, Tampa Florida

Auto Hail Repair In Lakeland Florida. Should You Make A Hail Claim To Your Insurance In Central Florida

Hail Repair or hail auto repairs in Lakeland Florida.

If you get hail to your vehicle in Lakeland Florida and surrounding areas, we are here to help restore your vehicle back to its original state. We work directly with your insurance company to effect a flawless paintless dent repair (PDR). We understand hail storm damage and similar natural catastrophes that plague us here in central Florida is a natural way of life. However, when the unexpected strikes, we are ready to help you solve these problems. We will be hereafter the "big show" leaves town.

If you have an issue three years down the road, this is our home also and we will ensure the job is done perfectly, hail damage repaired, and return your vehicle in its pre-accident state.

Hail damage claims can often be fully processed in days rather than weeks or months. If you are unfamiliar with paintless dent removal or how we maintain your original factory paint through the entire process, we have several videos and articles to help you understand the process. We also have information about the next steps and how to handle your insurance claim or which body shop you should choose to solve other minor issues, not related to dents.

Auto Hail Damage Lakeland, Orlando, Tampa Florida