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Body Shop Accidentally Lets PDR Technician Turn Profit

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MEMPHIS -- Despite trying to do everything they could to discredit the value of pushing a dent out verses cutting a car open, one Memphis Body Shop failed on Monday. ..Continue Reading

Single Solution Theory

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Each dent is seen as a unique problem and the least amount of steps to solve that problem would qualify as a perfect repair. The
single solution theory (sst) states that there is one perfect dent repair for every contingency. It assumes that although there are many ways to a perfect repair there is a superior solution and that solution is coupled with the least time taken. At its core it states that the lowest number of pushes and pulls is always the most correct solution: there is a mathematically perfect computation for every manipulation contact, while reversing the origin.

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How to Choose The Right Paintless Dent Repair Price and Technician

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A Technicians (Auction Lot). Fixed location, low quality, high volume, low pay, mid-job security. The prices are very meager per unit, but the volume of workflow makes the enterprise a very lucrative one. The quality level needs to fall between 30-60% at a minimum, with very little oversight on quality. Auctions simply want the dent repairs to look a little better -- most retail customers would be upset with this level of quality.

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Dentology: Creating Rules from Mapping Microdynamics


Dentology, is a branch of auto body repair, dealing with the removal of minor pressure blemishes to metal, through a scientific method, commonly referred to as paintless dent repair. It deals with, but is not limited to, the process of restructuring metal on a vehicle to its original state, after a minor impact or push.
Dentology primarily deals with two types of dents, perforated and protruding,

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Never Purchase Dent and Ding Protection

Hello, Im a Paintless Dent Repair technician and Ive "closed out" thousands of repairs, from all of the major dent and ding policies. Notice that I didn't say, fulfilled, I said "closed out". That is because over 80% of those making claims are being denied for a two main reasons.Continue Reading

Rockstar Arrogance In PDR

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According to John Elderage, In the 19th century a Scottish athlete made an iron discus that he read about in an official rule book. He wanted to compete as a discus thrower and didn't have the money or to simply order one, so he made it himself at a local blacksmith. What he didn't know was that the official discus was made out of wood and only the outer rim of iron. Continue Reading

What Is Paintless Dent Repair?

IMG_E1609If you have a minor dent or ding, you may be eligible for a more substantial discount on your vehicle repair than you might have expected. The best-kept secret of automotive dealerships, rental agencies, and body shops since the mid-1980's, paintless dent repair may be right for your vehicles outer shell reconditioning. The best way to find out is by sending a few images to a certified Paintless Dent Repair technician.Continue Reading