Real Customers, Real Reviews, Central Florida 2020

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    I had turned too sharp around a pile of rubble and dented the bed of my 2017 Ford F-250. I went to Carstars for an estimate that was $2964. Since we have no local PDR guys where I live, I decided to get it done here in Lakeland Fl. Online reviews pointed me to Paul’s Dent Repair USA. It took about 1/2 day to fix things to what I felt was a VERY satisfactory outcome. It’s not perfect but it’s darn close. Paul pointed out how thin and flimsy the aluminum was on the lowest body panel and if he kept working on it, it would probably need paint repair. This was a man that knows his job well. He knew when to stop ! That gave me a good outcome and didn’t waste my money. $500 vs $2964 and it looks great AND my truck wasn’t tied up in a body shop for 2 weeks, which also would have meant a vehicle rental. I was very happy with the work he did ! Two of my friends that both have done a lot of body work restoring old cars could not believe how good it looked. Thank you Paul !
    Tom Inglis Jan 2021
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    Went to Dent Repair USA Lakeland Fl, location and received estimate from tech Paul on dent on lower passenger door. He conveyed to me what he could do to bring back panel to near factory standards.His service was started promptly as scheduled and the results met all expectations, his attention to detail is a breath of fresh air in the climate which surrounds us today. Thank you Ken,
    Ken McLennan Jan 2021
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    Paul did a great job on my car. He is a professional and I strongly recommend him.
    Mr. Lopez Jan 2021
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    Paul did an amazing job!!! I bought my 1st new car, EVER, and got a 2019 Dodge RAM 1500 4x4 pickup a year ago. I take great care to park it miles away from anything anytime I drive it. I was so upset when my 8yo Son tossed something out of the back of it causing the damage. When the object hit the ground, it bounced back onto the truck making a small ding. After trying to get the repair completed from the dealership I purchased it from, I was extremely frustrated and took to the Internet to find somebody to do a paintless repair. I came across all of the amazing reviews about Paul and his business, and I can happily say I too am an extremely pleased customer. He is very knowledgeable and takes great pride in producing great work. I highly recommend him.
    Kim Rallis First Review 2021

Can Reviews Really Be Trusted Anymore?

I sometimes wonder, when I see these large companies trying to play "catch-up" like reviews are a sport. Ive never cared much about reviews. Ive always given 100% to my customers on every repair. I believe that if you work hard, people will see it and want to give you good reviews. Although I have hundreds of five star reviews, I want to address the two reviews that I earned that were negative. First and foremost, I deserved them. One was a hood that I worked on. I told the owner that it should be repainted because of the significant amount of paint loss. He was under the impression that he could buff it out. I told him it didnt work, as he started showing me all of his expensive waxes, etc. I tried to explain but was shut down. I started to pack my tools up and he insisted that I continue. I explained that I could fix the dent but could do nothing for the paint, he agreed. THE MOMENT that I was done he was thrilled with the repair, but seemed shocked that the paint still wasnt right. I gave him my labor and I worked hard to make him happy, but if a professional tells you three times, No. You insist, he does the work, then you complain, you still need to pay. The second one, was almost identiacal. I fixed over a dozen dents. This guy wants me to fix his bumper, like a structual issue. I explained in detail why, I could not help him. He refused to listen and wanted me to do what I could for an agreed upon price, above and beyond my dent repairs. I said no! He begged me to help, since his wife was comming home and he didnt want her to see it, so I did what I could. Around Midnight that same night, he called and said he was unhappy with the bumper..... No dude, you made me do something I should never have done, begged me, and now you want a refund? Welp, I want a refund of my time too. Again, if a professional looks you in the eye and says, no. Then listen.