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Paintless Dent Repair Limitations On Bumpers


Paintless Dent Repair Limitations On Bumpers

Although paintless dent repair is amazing for many minor dents and dings, it does have limitations. Bumpers are one of those limitations. We do not fix most bumper issues. 

1. Significant Paint Loss

: This includes but is not limited to bumpers that have paint loss over the size of your pinky finger. Imagine that after we complete the repair there will be noticeable touch up where the paint loss is located. Often times, it is better to take the bumper to a body shop and have them use body fillers and a repaint.

2. Paint cracking due to the bumper being pushed in: it looks like little legs coming out from the core of the dent.

Often times these cracks will spread and look far worse after a paintless dent repair has occurred. The older that the paint is, the more likely to get a bad or failed repair. Often times anything over the age of 10 years is far too long/old. Significant paint damage cannot be fixed with a paintless repair process, these are simple repairs for auto body paint repairs.

3. Very Specific and Small Impressions From Striking an Object.

Paintless Dent Removal is very limited when it comes to very specific work on plastic. Although this is where paintless shines on the metal side, it just fails on plastic. Often times while trying to hyperextend the plastic, it simply will not respond. It wants to return to the state of loss. As a result, the end product is less than satisfactory.  Although paintless dent repair (PDR) is great for minor door dings and protecting your vehicle's factory paint on metal, that is often not the case for plastic parts, like your bumper.

4. Clear-Coat Abrasions:

When there are large white streaks caused by transfer contact with an object, there is very little that paintless dent repair can do. It is often easier and cheaper to simply repaint. 

5. Paintless Dent Repair is only good for pushing edges out on newer vehicles, where there has been no paint loss. 

In Conclusion, Paintless Dent Repair and a good PDR technician have a very specific and niche mission: repairing dents on metal. Although they can make significant improvements to plastic, there are major limitations, primarily in the word paint! Since they are repairing dents by using the paintless dent method, this clearly doesn't fall within that category.